Community Service old

Los Gatos High School encourages students to participate in community service. Volunteering is an optional activity and occurs when students give back to the local community by donating their time to 501c3 organizations, their town, or other qualifying programs.

Community Service is highlighted by the 40 Development Assets outlined in the Project Cornerstone goals. In fact Los Gatos High School is focusing on asset #26 – caring: a young person places high value on helping other people.

After students have volunteered, they can complete one of the Community Service Forms listed below and then submit those hours to the College and Career Center within 6 months. Volunteer hours will be printed on the student's transcript.

(Seniors: Turn in your approved forms by Sept 15th in order to have hours listed on initial transcript sent to colleges. Turn in approved forms by May 1st in order to have your hours listed on a final transcript.)

Please see the Eligibility Guidelines listed below for details on which organizations qualify and see the Frequently Asked Questions for additional information.