Students to Students

The high school years are a time of growth and change. We grow physically, mentally, and emotionally. We will ask questions, meet new challenges, seek answers, make mistakes, and hopefully learn to take full responsibility for our choices. The Students to Students program offers an opportunity to learn from our peers. Research shows that a teen’s peer group has a great influence on the way he or she behaves. This is true of both risky and safe behavior. Peer education makes use of peer influence in a positive way. Our goal is to provide our peers with the information they need to Be Aware, Be Careful, Be Healthy, Be Respectful and Be Safe. Leaders are selected form the sophomore and junior classes in the spring semester (information about applying will be available here and on the daily announcements).

Each class is targeted in a different way:

Freshmen: Five small group conversations throughout the year with trained juniors and seniors.

Receive The Teenagers Survival Guide for High School in late September.

Receive the Upperclass Wisdom Handbook for Juniors and a Be Safe—Drive Sober key lanyard in October.

Seniors: Receive “When You Become 18 …” , a publication provided by the California State Bar Association, in late September. “(College)Freshmen Skills” evening presented by students from Santa Clara University in late April.