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Meet Our Students & Staff

Liv Johnson, Teacher

"I am deeply proud to work alongside such caring teachers and staff. I look out my window and the grounds are so beautiful. It looks like I teach on an episode of the Gilmore Girls."

Andrew Stein, Class of 2024

"I'm proud to be a Wildcat because of our staff, especially our teachers because they our able to challenge us and help us grow as students and as people."

Sophia Krish, Class of 2026

"LGHS has options for everyone, whether it be an athlete, musician, or mainly academic student. There is a place for all students here, and I value that."

Matthew Hardiman, Teacher

"As a former student and now a teacher at LGHS, I am proud of the community and the students drive to succeed. Day in and day out, the students are the ones that make this campus a special place and it shows in their work in and out of the classroom."

Matthew Hardiman
Teacher, Los Gatos HS

Andre Rosenberg, Class of 2024

" The truly amazing staff and student body we have at LGHS. I love many of the kind hardworking people who are at our school. I've always found it quite enjoyable to go to class and interact with outstanding teachers and kind compassionate students. In my time at LGHS I've never been prouder to be a Wildcat when I'm working on a project with my friends, you're listening to one of our amazing teachers."

Andre Rosenberg, Class of 2024
Los Gatos High School

Wendi Redo, Admin. Asst.

"The school spirit is amazing. The staff is so supportive and caring to each other and the students."

Christine Holst, Teacher

"I was able to fulfill a childhood dream of mine by returning to Los Gatos High School as a teacher. I graduated from here in 2001 and "once a Wildcat, always a Wildcat" has been a motto of mine. I'm proud to be able to give back to the community that served me well."

Ryan Lin, Class of 2025

"The teachers at LGHS are always very dedicated and passionate about teaching their subjects and always go above and beyond to ensure every student succeeds. I am also proud to be a Wildcat because our school provides a strong sense of community and respect with many small clubs and organizations, school events, and opportunities to get involved and connect with others."

Ryan Lin, Class of 2025
Los Gatos HS

Ro Venezia, Class of 2024

"I'm so proud of our incredible music program. LGHS has phenomenal choirs, bands, and orchestras, and I am proud to be a part of Mixed Choir, Marching Band, and Jazz Band."

Ro Venezia, Class of 2024
Los Gatos High School