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LEAD@LG is a two-year interdisciplinary pathway at Los Gatos High School. Students will Learn, Explore, Act, and Design (LEAD) individually and in group projects. 



 Students will take their core academic classes within LEAD in each grade:
 •  9th - English, Biology (honors available)
 •  10th - English, Chemistry, World History

LEAD@LG Course Descriptions

 Freshmen LEAD@LG students have the option to take honors versions of their Biology   and/or English classes; they will be enrolled in regular versions of the classes and will   decide within the classes if they will take the honors versions.

 LEAD@LG  classes for sophomores will not have honors versions available for English, social studies, and science courses


Lead@LG Program


Please reach out to if you
have any questions.

LEAD@LG Welcome Night - 2/1/23
Here are LEAD@LG FAQs.

LEAD@LG Applications
Current 8th Graders
Due: March 17,2023