Fall Play


Everyone’s heard of a haunted house, but a haunted play? Could it really 
be haunted by the spirit of the man who recently died in the theatre? No - 
that can’t be possible?! Well, at least that’s what the actors, writer and 
crew hopes! Join them as disbelief turns to wonder which then turns to 
fear as bodies begin to pile up! Who did it? When the police sergeant 
shows up on cue everyone becomes suspicious!

Auditions are August 28th and 29th in room 82 after school. Please fill 
out the audition form through this link.

Test your detective skills on October 17-18-19 at 7 pm when LGHS’s 
presents of AX of MURDER in the Wildcat Theatre! Student tickets are $10! 
Available at lunch in the ASB office or at the door!