Grading Policy

The Los Gatos High School year of approximately 185 days is divided into six grading periods per semester. January and June grades are entered on the Permanent Record Card (Transcript) and are the grades used to determine subject and unit completion and grade point average (GPA). See the Graduation Requirements page for graduation information.

  • A: Superior (4.0)
  • B: Good (3.0)
  • C: Average (2.0)
  • D: Barely Passing (1.0)
  • F: Failing (0.0)
  • W/F: Withdrawn from course with an "F"
  • W/ATT: Withdrawn from course due to poor attendance
  • W/M: Withdrawn from course for medical reasons
  • IIncomplete
  • P: Pass
  • F: Fail
Course Designations
  • (P): College Prep Course
  • (H): Honors Course
  • (AP): Advanced Placement Course
Grade Point Average (GPA)
The Los Gatos High School (LGHS) Academic weighted GPA is calculated using all semester grades except PE/Sports and Teacher/Office Assistant. The LGHS Total GPA is used for sports eligibility and is calculated based on all coursework, including P.E. or P.E. equivalent courses.  Honors and Advanced Placement (AP) classes earn one extra grade point for "C-" or higher grades. Approved summer school courses required for graduation are included in the LGHS GPA.
It is the student's responsibility to send an official transcript to the Guidance Office of grades and course work taken at an institution other than Los Gatos High School. All such course work must have prior approval of the student's Guidance Counselor.

Incomplete Marks
A grade of "I" (Incomplete) may be issued by an instructor at the end of the grading period whenever a student, due to severe illness or extreme extenuating circumstances, has not had sufficient time to complete course requirements. An "I" must be replaced by the instructor with a letter grade within six weeks.

Repeated Courses
Course titles and grades are NEVER removed from a student's transcript, even if a course is repeated and a higher grade is earned. Credit towards graduation is earned only once even if a course is repeated. If a full course (or semester of a course) is repeated, only the repeated grade is used to calculate the LGHS Grade Point Average.

Course Grading Practices
Written notice of course grading requirements, practices and procedures for each course is provided to students at the beginning of the school year. Teachers may include attendance as a portion of the course grade, and all courses are subject to school policies regarding attendance and discipline.

Activity/Sports Eligibility
Students with a GPA lower than 2.0 cannot participate in school athletics, school plays, or other school extra-curricular activities. Students must be passing a minimum of four classes in order to apply for a waiver.