PAWS (Providing Awareness for Wildcat Students) seeks to comprehensively address student-related concerns at LGHS. The biannual publication, started in the fall of 2013, takes a factual approach to tough topics like teen depression and suicide, the weekend scene, and relationships. Each topic is explored from a variety of angles. The issues, written exclusively by LGHS students and published online at the end of each semester, are meant to raise awareness and offer support for problems that LGHS students may face during high school.

Advisor: Mariana Cozzella
Consultant: Kathleen Wehr

Student Staff:    
Seniors -  
Ariana Duckett*, Ella Fliesler, Paige Tamasi*, Justin Virk, Roan Menon, Hemani Patel, 
Juniors - Jordan Chan, Angela Sheu, Andrew Zhang, Jordan Knol, Faris Raza
Sophomore - Kate Gruetter

* Editors