Reality Check

Reality Check is run by students who collect anonymous stories from students on a chosen topic each month. It gives a voice to those who have something to share their experiences. 
It’s often hard to know where to turn when you need some support or a release.
Reality Check provides a way for students to share their stories with others who can relate to them. Reality Check attempts to help students deal with the problems at hand by including information written by a licensed therapist and a list of researched resources. These are designed to provide honest and fresh assistance that is neither condescending nor generic.

The students that compose the staff of Reality Check believe that our problems and the choices we make are not unique to our generation. What is unique, perhaps, is our desire to break the code of silence, a code that often leads to feelings of isolation and despair. We provide an opportunity for students like to express their feelings and receive validation, a chance to understand our peers’ struggles and tools to help us cope. 

Reality Check is published 8 times a year and it is sent through school messenger  to all LGHS students and  their families.

Follow Reality Check on Instagram @realitychecklghs and check out our website by clicking HERE
Check out our website HERE

Student Staff

Seniors: Charles Bibaud, Emmy Morley, Maya Josifovska, Ashley Mullin
: Zackary Plesha, Brady Kamali, Zoe Hammer, Shalini Agrawal, Sidney Bricker
Sophomores: Olivia Li, Maia Bernholz

 Advisor: Mariana Cozzella


Your stories are the heart and soul of Reality Check.

If you have a story that you would like to share, here are the two ways to submit stories:

1.) Give your story to a student staff member. To assure anonymity, your name will never be shared (even with other staff members).

2.) Submit through the Google forms for each month (Links sent each moth on Canvas Announcements)

If we receive a story discussing a specific plan for harm to self or others, or information about physical abuse, we are required by law to contact the person who submitted the story to verify that the student's parents are aware of the situation and/or that the student is under the care of a professional.

Reality Check does not publish opinion pieces.