Steering Committee

We are looking forward to working with you and making Grad Night 2019 a super fun and memorable evening for our graduates!

For more information or to express interest in volunteering, please send us an email.

Chairs Dani Hinsche

Dana Parker
Admissions Julie Schaper

Lorraine Miller
Decorations Christina Stuhlmuller
Lisa Schirmer
Facilities Mike Ballou

Steve Henkenmeier
  Barb Holmes

Erik Anslinger
Treasurer Alex Potts
Sustanability OPEN  
Memories Sarah Robinson

Linda Swenberg
Kiss a Senior Goodbye Kristi Ballou
  Rita Kelly
Food & Hospitality Sheila Thompson
  Kim Schenkel
Inside Activities OPEN
Volunteers Susie Hotelling
  Erica Mittlehouser  
Junior Parent/Clean Up OPEN  
Sophmore Parent/Walk Thourgh OPEN