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No one understands better than another Wildcat!


Teen mental health, while being a talkative topic among professionals, is a touchy one among teens. Cats to Cats is a student-run organization dedicated to ensuring everyone at Los Gatos High School can get the resources they need and a way that works for them. Maintaining mental health is just as important and as natural as physical health, but we certainly don’t treat it the same, and it’s time for that to change. We all go through hard times, so let's go through them together!


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Each month Cats to Cats covers a specific topic related to mental health through a live webinar and a newsletter. Webinars and Newsletters are released at the end of each month. Use the links below to view our past, current, and upcoming topics.


2020-21 Topics:

July: Surviving Quarantine 

August: Returning to Online School

September: Sexual Assault and Mental Health

November: Life After High School

December: Fall Semester Overview

January: Cats Connections and Interpersonal Relationships

February: Self-Esteem and Social Anxiety

March: Depression and the Mind

April: Controversy- How Large Topics Affect Daily Life

May: Spring Semester Overview


Our website also features a variety of original content including  Wildcat Wisdom Column where students can read advice on certain challenges from fellow Wildcats, a Therapy Information Page to learn how therapy works, and our Hotlines Page to find local and national 24/7 hotlines.


Leadership team: 


Quinlan Fafard (Senior) - President
Julie Chen (Junior) - Vice-president

Miranda Woodthorp (Senior) - Outreach Director
Iunna Shegai (Senior) - Media Director
Amelia Conti Chen (Senior) - Tech Director 


Visit the About Us page of our website to get to know the leadership team and all Cats to Cats members.


Advisor: Mariana Cozzella