Community College Concurrent/Dual Enrollment

Community colleges allow high school students to take their courses through a process known as Concurrent Enrollment or Dual Enrollment. Different community colleges have different policies about their concurrent/dual enrollment, so researching these details is essential. The process requires prior approval from your high school counselor. Concurrent/Dual enrollment students do not pay for registration or tuition fees at the community colleges.

Some LGHS students use the summer break to pursue interesting community college classes. Please read the information below carefully if you are considering concurrent/dual enrollment:

Advantages of taking community college classes over summer:
 •  Provides an opportunity to explore potential college majors
 •  Is an opportunity to take elective courses not offered at LGHS
 •  Can be used for college credit (reducing the number of classes a student needs once in college)
 •  Can demonstrate to colleges a student's interest in expanding their education beyond core
 •  subject areas
 •  Can be used to remediate a grade of D or F in a previously taken high school course.

Disadvantages—there are also some disadvantages to taking classes over summer:
 •  A six-week course cannot provide the same learning experience as a year-long course
 •  A summer course cannot cover the same amount of content as a year-long course
 •  The quality of the teacher and core content is unknown, and can vary by course and college
 •  Student often find they are unprepared for higher-level classes
 • Four-year colleges may question when students accelerate through foundational courses that can be taken at their
 • own high school. 

 • Grades must be reported to four-year colleges that students apply to in the future and will be used to calculate a student's
 • four-year college GPA.

Please carefully consider your objective for taking a summer course.

The steps below outline the process for applying, registering, and enrolling in community college classes. Again, please note that different community colleges refer to this process differently; Concurrent Enrollment, Dual Enrollment, and High School Enrollment are all interchangeable terms that are used.

Step 1:
Search the classes at the community colleges and verify the course you want is offered in the correct term (e.g., summer, fall, spring) and that there is space in the class (not every community college shows how full classes are). There are links below for each community college where you can search classes and their meeting schedules. Make sure the class you select meets at days/times when you're available. If you aren't sure which class to take at each community college, speak with your LGHS school counselor.

Step 2:
Students interested in taking any course outside of LGHS must complete the External Course Agreement Form.
Once you submit the form, you will receive an automated email with instructions to complete. This includes forwarding the automated email to your school counselor and your parent/guardian; be sure to read the instructions listed and complete them. (If there are further steps to complete beyond this, your counselor will respond to the email you forwarded.)

Step 3:
You will need to complete the concurrent/dual enrollment process at whichever community college you plan to enroll. Please see the links below for information at the different local community colleges. If you need a copy of your high school transcript, log into Aeries, hover over the 'Grades' tab and click 'Transcript'. On the next screen, click 'Print' and 'View Report'. Then you can save your transcript as a pdf or print it.

West Valley College
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Mission College
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Foothill College
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De Anza College
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San Jose City College
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Cabrillo College
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