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Wellness Center

Our Mission

The Wellness Center's mission is to improve the health, well-being, and educational outcomes of our students through the promotion of physical and mental health and the provision of coordinated interventions.

The Wellness Center is a space where students can come to during the school day if they feel anxious, overwhelmed or stressed and need a place to rest, reset, recharge or use coping strategies. Students can find mental health resources and services here also.

The Wellness Center houses all Peer-to-Peer education programs. With a focus on creating a positive campus atmosphere, these groups work collaboratively to promote healthy choices and student wellness. For more information, click on the Peer-to-peer page above.

LOCATION - L5 (next to the Library)

Students can drop in any time during school hours to access the space and use resources or fill in a referral form to be screened for therapy services. During class a pass from a teacher is required.

Teachers, parents and students can refer other students as well (please use Referral Form link below).

If therapy is recommended, school based therapists are assigned.

On-Campus Resources

Wellness Center Process
Open this flow chart to see how the Wellness Center can support students from their initial drop in to returning back to class.

  • Purpose: focus on self-awareness, self-management and self-care

  • Students check in with teacher first and are sent with a pass (at teacher's discretion)

  • If student comes straight to Wellness Center and is in crisis, we'll email teacher and mark attendance

  • No pass needed on free period, lunch, before or after school

  • Attendance is marked with “W” and a note is made with check-in/out time

  • Students are encouraged to have a purpose: use a coping strategy or do an exercise

  • When student arrives:

    • Sign in on ipad or QR code

    • Take a seat

    • Staff check in: 

      • How/What are you feeling? (MoodMeter) - self-awareness

      • What do you need? - self-awareness

      • What the Wellness Center offers (Wellness Bar) - self-management

    • Choose a coping strategy or activity - Self-care

    • Set a time limit

    • Check back when time expires

    • Sign out with Ms. Cozzella, go back to class

Short-Term Therapy Services