Incoming Freshman Course Registration

8th Grade Welcome Night – 1/26/22
   •  Here are the slides that were presented during 8th Grade Welcome Night.

[email protected] Welcome Night - 1/26/22
   •  Here is the recording and the slides that were presented during 8th Grade Welcome Night. 
Here are [email protected] FAQs.
[email protected] Application - Due: March 18, 2022

8th Grade SPED Welcome Night - 1/26/22
   •  Here is the recording of the presentation.

Peer Perspectives Panel - 1/31/22

  •  Current LGHS students share their academic, extracurricular, and overall experiences in high school.   We hope that current 8th graders will benefit from these insights as they begin their own high school experiences. Timestamps for each question asked are linked in the description on the YouTube video. Here is the recording.

Course Information Packet

 These are the items within the Course Information Packet: 
   •  2022-23 Incoming Freshman Events Calendar (links to webinars and course registration Google Form)
   •  2022-23 Los Gatos-Saratoga Union High School District school calendar
   •  Freshmen Course Request Instructions for Students and Parents
   •  Math Course Sequence Chart
   •  Relevant Course Selection Information
   •  [email protected] Program Information 
   •  Freshmen Course Options

Additional Course Information
Leadership Application  - Due: February 27, 2022 by 11:59pm
   •  Spanish 2 & 3 informational slides

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