Junior Section

Junior year can be a busy one. Students may find themselves with an increased workload that includes higher-level Honors and AP courses. Additional testing for college eligibility begins with the PSAT, SAT Reasoning, and/or ACT with Writing, SAT Subject Tests, and AP exams. Some students may find their social life and extracurricular participation are broadening and the time to begin post-high school planning has begun. Students are starting to think about potential colleges, careers, and majors.

During this time the priority should be to pass classes required for graduation, fulfill college subject eligibility requirements, earn the best grades possible for college eligibility and continue to nurture intellectual curiosity and good study habits for the future.

Nuts & Bolts of College Application Process — 5/26/22
Here is the recorded presentation as well as the slides. This is an overview of college application steps and LGHS-specific application steps for the main college systems: community college, California State University (CSU), University of California (UC), out-of-state public colleges, and private colleges.

College Information Night — 12/2/21  
Here is the recorded presentation from the five different college systems as well as the presentation slides.

Junior Parent/Guardian Information Night — 9/13/21
Here is the recorded presentation and the slides with information for parents/guardians of senior students.