Senior Section

Senior Parent/Guardian Information Night — 8/31/21
Here is the recorded presentation and the slides with information for families with seniors at LGHS.

Letter of Recommendation Webinar — 8/24/21
Here is the recorded presentation with general information on the college application process and LGHS' internal process for college letters of recommendation.

Financial Aid Information
 — 10/12/20
Here is the recorded presentation about financial aid for college, hosted by West Valley Community College. 

College Essay Workshop — 9/1/21
Located in the LGHS library.

College Application Information

Nearly all private colleges and out-of-state public colleges have made the SAT/ACT an optional part of their applications. The California State University (CSU) and University of California (UC) college systems do not require/accept letters of recommendation from teachers/counselors and do not require/accept SAT/ACT scores.