Sophomore Section

It Is Never Too Early to Plan for Your Post-High School Goals
Even as a sophomore, there are steps you can take to prepare for college admission, careers, or whatever your post-high school plan might be. Taking challenging courses and getting good grades are key ingredients to keeping many options open. Colleges will look at your transcripts to see how rigorous your courses were and what kind of grades you earned. Colleges are also looking at the entire student to determine what that student will contribute to their school.

Steps you can take your sophomore year to learn more about yourself, connect with others, and develop your skills and interests:
• Get involved in activities at school. (Clubs and Activities)
• Do plenty of reading. It is a good way to improve your word skills. (Library)
• Keep a record of every job and activity you take part in, and any awards that you receive.
• Make connections with those at school who can help you apply to the colleges you want, such as your teachers, Guidance Counselor, and the College and Career Center.

Sophomore Parent/Guardian Information Night — 9/21/21
Here is the recorded presentation with information for parents/guardians of senior students.