Sports Donations

Sports Donations
Posted on 07/30/2018


Sports Participation Donation

What is a Participation Donation?

Los Gatos High School offers 54 different sports teams with participants totaling more than 900 student- athletes. We ask each participant to pay a donation of $200 per sport per year to cover expenses such as transportation, officials’ fees, league fees, equipment, tournament, and meet entry fees, athletic physical therapy, and more.

All sports at Los Gatos High School are considered cut sports. While we encourage donation as soon as possible, you are welcome to wait until your child has been placed on the roster before sending your payment. A family’s inability to pay the participation donation does not prevent a student from participating on an athletic team. Scholarships to cover the cost of the participation donation are available upon request.

State and District Funding

Los Gatos High School does not receive funds for our sports programs from the state. Our school district only pays a percentage of our coaches’ salaries. The income generated from the participation donation, along with gate receipts from several sports, allows us the ability to help fund and support all of our athletic programs.

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Thank you for your support of LGHS Athletics! 

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