Grad Night

Grad Night
June 7, 2019

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Sign Up!  We need everyone to help. Please click here to sign up to Volunteer for Grad Night 2019! From taking pictures, to dressing as the mascot or dealing cards in the Casino, we can make this an amazing night for our children.  

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Fundraisers (These fund our scholarships - Goal 100% participation):

-- Tuxedos & More - Rent from Tuxedos and More and we will get $10/tuxedo. Includes Junior and Senior proms! Mention LG Grad Night.

What is Grad Night?

Grad Night is a wonderful Los Gatos tradition that began as a way to provide a fun, safe environment for our seniors on the night of their graduation. It’s likely the last night they will all spend together as a group.  It is extremely popular and well received by the graduates, drawing over 90% of seniors to the all-night event.  It’s a night full of ‚Äčfun, food, music, entertainment and surprises.  It runs all night - from 10:30pm until 5:30am. 

It is completely organized and staffed by Senior Parents and we need everyone's help. 
Working on Grad Night is an amazing experience - just ask the many parents who experienced Grad night with an older sibling! 

Interested in volunteering? Just send us an email

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